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        What we do is very simple.

        Simple is not necessarily easy.

        To become an industry leader in the repossession business one has to be able to find a skip without much to go on, locate the collateral, and then reclaim the collateral without the benefit of keys. They need to be able to recover and then transport the vehicle without damage. They need to work safely. They need to work efficiently. They need to work cost effectvely.

        We do all of that and much more. We are able to maintain a high level of safety while effecting considerable speed. This is accomplished through training and experience on the part of our professional Hyde-N-Seek employees.

        Anyone can "say" they're great at what they do, but are they really? The proof in our business is in rapid and measurable results. You have worked with others, now work with us and let us prove to you what Hyde-N-Seek Recovery, Inc. can do for you.

        We offer, but are not limited to the following repossession services:

        Automobiles Heavy Equipment
        Trucks Semi-Tractors
        Semi-Trailers Campers
        Mobile Homes Travel Trailers
        Motor Homes Boats
        Motorcycles Whatever You Need Recovered !

        The Main Reasons To Call Us: We Offer:

        Low Storage Charges Access to Public Auctions
        State Licensed Auction Transport
        48-Hour Service No Charge For Bids
        Itemized Billing We Liquidate Your Collateral
        Secured Storage We Transport Your Unit
        Pictures and Condition Reports Expert Skiptracers
        Reasonable Rates Experienced Personnel

        Hyde-N-Seeks's service area covers all of Florida with an emphasis on the Gainesville area. Take a look at our coverage area.
        Accounts are handled by Hyde-N-Seek Recovery, Inc. employees with company owned trucks. You will be kept well informed with accurate hard copy status reports at all times.
        For years we have been serving Florida lenders with the best recovery operations around. We employ the latest technology in computer systems. Our office is fully staffed with account representatives, skip tracers, and data entry personnel to meet your every need. Our field staff consists of full time professional recovery agents experienced in all facets of collateral recovery. Click this line to contact us.
        We are members of Florida Alliance of Certified Asset Recovery Specialists (FLACARS) and Allied Finance Adjusters and take an active and participatory role in our ongoing education in todays everchanging marketplace. If you have used the repossession services of Hyde-N-Seek before, then you know what we have to offer. If you are evaluating us for potential assignments, we trust that your questions will be answered in this web site. If not, please give us a call at 352.336.5464.

        We look forward to serving you, and hope you choose to favor us with your next assignment.

        Any Questions? Please feel free to contact us at 352.336.5464
        Or you may contact us via E-mail at: